Fugitive Microbes Live at the BC Club

Hi, Tony here with my first blog on this site in just over four years. The truth is I have largely run out of material to post on this topic. However I have managed to dig up a live recording of the Fugitive Microbes playing at the Band Collective‘s venue, the BC Club, upstairs in the student union complex at the George St campus of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  As the Time Off ad for the gig shows, it was on Friday 28th September 1989.


Fugitive Microbes

Live at the BC Club

Tony Kneipp    guitar, vocals

Kristin Black    guitar, vocals

Oscar Dewachter    bass

Colin Barwick    drums





On this occasion we were a support act for the Celibate Rifles. The Rifles were one of Australia’s best known punk bands, forming in 1979 and sticking around until the second half of the nineties. They always had a strong following, and guaranteed that a packed crowd of over a thousand were there to hear us that night. Halfway through our first song, almost as an afterthought, Tim the sound guy pressed record on the cassette deck he had hooked up to the mixer.  These recordings are what he captured on that cassette.


The BC Club was the regular venue for the Brisbane Band Collective, held at the Gardens Point Campus Club, QUT I remember attending a number of meetings at 4ZZZ to set up the collective. The Fugitive Microbes were one of the original member bands. Oscar and Irena (by then in Airborne Toxic Event) were heavily involved as well. The collective served a dual purpose, as bands desperately needed a place to play, and 4ZZZ needed a regular venue and a supply of bands for it.

We played on the opening night of the club, Friday 31 August.  This recording is from the second time we played there, this time as a support act for the Celibate Rifles. On both occasions Oscar was still paying bass, and there were upwards of a thousand people there. The last two times we were there Peter Adams was on bass.

This would have been the last time I played with Oscar Dewachter. Shortly after this he returned to the Netherlands. He later came back for a couple of years, then went back over to the Netherlands again, and hasn’t been seen or heard of since. Nobody knows where he is or what has happened to him!

The recording is a bit rough, but gives a much better representation of how we sounded live than the other recordings I have posted. Great memories of a band that was indeed fugitive!

Tony Kneipp






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