Elegy For Patrick

This is a rough draft that I am posting up so that some of my friends can see it and access the song file I am posting up.

This Thursday I received the devastating news that my friend Patrick O’Grady had died suddenly. When I was living in Adelaide from the end of 1997 to September 2003, I spent some time playing in Patrick’s band, Beige SA, along with John Sullivan. They were both synthesiser players, while I played guitar and sax. Patrick eventually dropped out for health reasons, and John and I continued to play, renaming ourselves Hazy Space.

The song is a reworking of a song I wrote a few months ago in memory of my dear friend Bek Moore. I’s been a bad year for losing friends! Anyway, I’ve changed the key fom G to E, a full octave and a third lower, and slowed it down from a rock steady 120 bpm to a much more restrained 96 bpm, or to put it in classical terms, from allegro to andante. While I do have words for the original version, I haven’t come up with words for this version yet.

I will edit this to give a fuller account of what Patrick O’Grady meant to me and so many of his other friends in the next few days.

Tony Kneipp


Me and Patrick O’Grady in Beige SA


John Sullivan


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