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That Curse Is Broken

Hi, Tony here. This posting is somewhat different in that it is of a recent recording that I finished in September last year. I wrote the song in 2008. Early last year I made up a MIDI file of the song, (piano, bass and drums), converted it into audio, and added rhythm guitar and vocals, all on my PC in my bedroom. Ian Graham added the lead guitar track on his PC in his shed/studio.

A few months later I  took my computer etc to a rehearsal room in Eagle Farm (Scream Ahead Studios) where Steve Pritchard added the drums. My brother Terry gave me a hand with this.

This recording then sees the original Parameters together again on a recording for the first time since 1984, when we recorded Material Possession. This would never have happened if not for the 2007 Pig City concert, where we played live for the first and only time.

Finally I recorded the bass track in place of the original MIDI bass, and added just a touch of slide guitar in the chorus. The MIDI piano survives in the rhythm track for a bit of extra colour and body.

Ian knows a lot more about digital recording than I do, and made some very helpful suggestions in the mixing process. The graphic is by my brother Shane.



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